We have lots of yarns and patterns on sale at the moment! Here is a quick round-up of what is on offer:

F053 Bouffle 0002 Large


Sirdar Bouffle

Was £3.60, Now £2.00

All Bouffle patterns now £1.50


F028 Large


Sirdar Calico DK

Was £2.60, Now £1.30

All Calico patterns now £1.50


F061 Large


Sirdar Funky Fox

Was £2.45, Now £1.50

All Funky Fox patterns now £1.50


F037 Large


Sirdar Heads Up

Was £6.75, Now £4.00



F079 Large


Sirdar Husky Super Chunky

Was £2.75, Now £1.00

All Husky patterns now £1.50


F064 Large


Sirdar Simply Recycled DK

Was £2.15, Now £1.00

All Simply Recycled patterns now £1.50


F047 Large


Sirdar Snuggly Baby Snowball

Was £2.45, Now £1.00



F078 Large


Sirdar Snuggly Peekaboo DK

Was £3.30, Now £1.00

All Peekaboo patterns now £1.50 and books now £3.60


F050 Large


Sirdar Snuggly Tiny Tots DK

Was £3.10, Now £1.00

All Tiny Tots patterns now £1.50 and books now £3.60


F054 Large


Sirdar Wash n Wear

Was £2.30, Now £1.00

Lots of Wash n Wear patterns now £1.50


F066 Large


Sirdar Wool Rich Aran

Was £4.60, Now £2.30

All Wool Rich Aran patterns now £1.50

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